Emergency Wildlife Rescue Services
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Our clinic

Our equipped wildlife veterinary clinic will have a 24-hour on site veterinary team for emergencies and in-patient monitoring. Making us one of its kind in the African continent. The most endangered species in our country deserve the best veterinary treatment and aftercare that we can give them. Early detection of disease, through monitoring, can be the difference between a life saved or lost.

Our qualified veterinary team will therefore provide critical long-term veterinary care and support to threatened and endangered wildlife such as, but not limited to, rhino, elephant and birds of prey. The animals will have time to heal, in an undisturbed environment and rehabilitated for release back into the wild. Wildlife can only return back to the wild when there is minimal human contact. To increase the chances of survival the staff and personnel that work with these compromised orphans must be kept constant and disturbances to the minimum. It is for this reason that this veterinary clinic will not be open to the public. Any centre that does allow public interaction will not be able to release that animal back into the wild.

Elephant Orphanage

Unfortunately the elephant poaching incidents are increasing. We believe in being pro-active and we are proud to announce that we will be one of a kind to have a purposely built section for orphaned elephant calves. These calves are one of the most difficult species to rear. Their specific diet and social needs are specialized and only a few people in the world know how to raise these orphans successfully for release. Currently no rehabilitation centre in South Africa has the equipped facilities to raise these orphans. We believe that our equipped facilities can be the change to increase the survival rate of elephant orphans.

Rhino Orphanage

Our war against poaching is an ongoing battle. Unfortunately many calves still lose their mothers and needs specialist care. Our centre will provide a safe environment where these orphaned calves will be treated and rehabilitated until they are ready for release back into the wild.

Birds of Prey

Our wild bird populations and species of raptors are threatened daily. These magnificent birds are victims of human-animal conflict, illegal taxidermy trade, illegal trapping, poisoning and habitat destruction. The numbers of casualties are extensive. These birds are sensitive species,, difficult to handle properly and care for. Our clinic will provide the veterinary care and release techniques necessary so that these beautiful birds may once again fly free.


It is crucial that we protect our wild carnivore populations. The illegal practices and human-animal conflict that these animals are exposed to are a threat to them. There is often the need for temporary facilities to house wild injured carnivores that were poisoned, snared or illegally moved prior to release into secured game reserves.
There is no scientific evidence that captive bred populations contribute to conservation and it is for this reason that no breeding will be allowed at our clinic. Natural selection is necessary for a viable population. In captivity selection is based on traits favoured by owners, these selected traits can compromise the genetic gene pool of the wild populations.