Our Team
"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

Our motivated team behind this project is determined to make this initiative a huge success. Combined they possess all the skills and knowledge to bring this project to life.

Rinel Hugo
BSc:Zoology; BSc(Hons)Wildlife Management
BSc:Veterinary Sciences(enrolled)

Rinel is the founder of E.W.O.C. Her passion for nature conservation through an holistic approach is what she strives for. She believes that a dedicated team can be the difference to ensure that endangered wildlife species are saved and released, whilst training veterinary students. Her enthusiasm and leadership, combined with her expertise and knowledge makes her a great candidate to run this project.

Frans Jooste
BEng:Computer Engineering

Frans is the co-founder of E.W.O.C. He fell in love with the bush after his first camping experience. Since then he has been involved in nature conservation initiatives that can bring change to our current endangered species status. His natural entrepreneurial personality allows for many diverse plans for the future to make this endeavour a success. His sound knowledge to drive a successful business provides a strong foundation.


Martin Kotze
Board Adviser and Legal Counsel
(BCom)LLB:Law; MSc:Corporate Law
Accredited attorney

Martin's value for animals are evident in the way that he interacts with his own two dogs. He also believes that nature and wildlife should be conserved for future generations. He will apply his extensive legal knowledge and ensure that all legal aspects of the business are in order.