Endangered Wildlife Orphan Care 24/7 Emergency Wildlife Rescue Services

Leadership is about integrity, honesty and responsibility. These are all components of trust to protect and pull us into a brighter future. These are the principles that our initiative is based on to add value to conservation. Our biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming rate. Our efforts are now at a point where we are trying to save these iconic species to survive in our lifetime, not just for future generations. The reality is that our wildlife is paying the price for our expanding population and unethical poaching practices driven by greed.

E.W.O.C is a South African based non-profit conservation company that aims to provide veterinary care to orphans or injured wildlife that are victims of poaching or human-animal conflict. Our specialist wildlife clinic has a 24-hour on site veterinary team for emergencies and in-patient monitoring. We believe that endangered wildlife deserve specialist veterinary care from qualified personnel to increase their chances of survival. We strive to rehabilitate and release all wildlife treated at our clinic. All wildlife should be wild and free with no exceptions.